Providing Health Monitoring and Emergency Response Solutions

We started Around The Clock Alert because we saw that people’s attitudes toward their golden years were changing. While 96% of Americans said they’d like to age in their homes, none of them said they want to be trapped in their homes. That’s why at ATC Alert we’re not just selling medical alerts, we’re selling lifestyle enhancement systems. We’re committed to providing health monitoring and emergency response solutions to improve patient outcomes and reduce your overall costs. By combining simple PERS together with RPM, healthcare providers can help their patients age in their homes while improving patient care.

When my dad was a kid he was fascinated with the story of Barry, the famed St. Bernard rescue dog who saved over 40 lives in the Swiss Alps. My dad was especially impressed when he learned how Barry once found a lost boy who was stuck in the snow, then got the child to climb on his back and carried him to safety, saving his life. Rover, my dad’s dog wasn’t a St. Bernard and he never saved anyone from anything as dramatic as avalanches (quite rare in Brooklyn). But my dad’s faith in him, his confidence that he would always be there for him no matter what, inspired me to add him to my company’s logo. Rover is a symbol of ATC Alert’s own unwavering commitment and dedication to our customers, to always be there for them, around the clock.

Jordan S. Savitsky Founder & CEO, 3rd generation caretaker

Your Trusted Advisors

We have honed our ability to listen and provide reliable solutions. We have built a company that is trustworthy and loyal, protective of its customer base, and highly accessible. We want you to feel comfortable calling us, and calling on us, no matter the situation.

Your Care Experts

We understand the challenges of seniors whatever their retirement lifestyle of choice or their unique circumstances may be. We have invested in a people-first help center with trained reps that are able to listen and provide comfort and assistance in any situation.

Your Lifestyle Experts

We study the lifestyle needs of active seniors and make a point of improving the user experience to reflect 21st-century technological developments. We have assembled top writers and contributors in order to provide quality content and solutions that support our customers’ independence.