Hospitals/Health Systems

According to a study by the AARP, over 95% of Americans say they prefer to age at home. Traditionally, seniors wanting to age at home would end up relying to some degree on homecare. Whether it was a simple personal care aid who came around a few times/week to help out or a full-blown RN who would administer medical care.

ATC Alert allows you to provide the best health monitoring and emergency response solutions to your patients without the headache and investment that comes with purchasing and managing connected health equipment. Additionally, our ongoing support services mean that you only need to worry about your patients and their health, not whether their equipment is functioning properly.

With RPM, hospitals and health systems can:

  • Obtain and provide personal data collection
  • Identify high-risk patients
  • Provide preventive care, chronic health, and acute care management
  • Improve patient outcomes with higher patient engagement
  • Reduce hospital admissions and costs (over the next 25 years, RPM is expected to save $200B in healthcare costs globally)
  • Improve care coordination and provider workflow for operational success

The cost of not participating may mean a higher risk of mortality for patients with chronic medical problems, higher costs incurred by both the patient and the health provider – not just at the time of the accident and intervention, but over the patient’s lifetime.