Physicians & Medical Practices

At ATC Alert, we understand the importance of delivering the best care to your patients, all while reducing your overall costs.

With our remote patient monitoring solutions, you will have a more distinct picture of your patients’ health – outside of traditional healthcare settings. By proactively monitoring your patients with chronic conditions from their own homes, you’re able to provide your patients with enhanced care, while significantly lowering the risks of a health incident going unnoticed until it balloons into a potentially life-threatening and expensive episode of care.

Helping you provide the care your patients deserve

  • Manage chronic diseases outside of a clinical setting
  • Easily access patient data
  • Promote compliance with your treatment plan & patient satisfaction
  • Improve the quality and access of care for your patients

In addition to improved patient care, providing RPM services to your patients opens a new revenue source for your practice. By utilizing four existing Medicare reimbursement codes, you’ll be able to bill for RPM while outsourcing all the work to ATC Alert.

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Did you know?
There is CMS reimbursement for RPM.

New CMS codes for 2019 allow for reimbursement to clinicians for the time they invest with patients between clinical visits as well as for initial equipment set-up and patient education. Additionally, changes in Medicare Advantage plans could provide other reimbursement opportunities in 2020, allowing for the expansion of remote patient monitoring services for members. Now is a good time to consider adding a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program to your practice.