Personal Emergency Response

ATC Alert’s PERS Systems are simple, lifesaving devices that enable an adult to communicate with a monitoring center 24/7. With just the push of a button on the wrist or around their neck, adults always have a lifeline to a trained agent who knows who they are, where they live, their medical history and more.

ATC’s products not only come with the most advanced GPS and Fall detection technology but are also designed thoughtfully so that older adults won’t have issues using them. This means keeping them simple, small and lightweight so that they’re unobtrusive.

PERS Advancements

Mobile PERS

While PERS users were once only protected inside their homes, the addition of Mobile PERS units has made protection possible anywhere the customer goes. This means customers no longer need to fear a simple walk around the block or trip to the grocery store. Anywhere they go, they can push their button and get the help they need.

GPS Technology

Along with Mobile PERS technology came the adoption of GPS. Now, when a customer pushes their button, the monitoring agent will be able to see that customer’s exact GPS location and can send help directly to them, even if the customer can’t communicate with the agent.

Automatic Fall Detection

Only perfected within the last few years, automatic fall detection will contact the monitoring agents if the PERS device senses a fall…without the user ever needing to actually push their button. This becomes extremely useful in cases where an older adult falls and becomes unconscious. With Fall Detection enabled, the PERS device will send help before the patient even knows they’ve had an emergency.