Kickstart Your Remote Patient Monitoring Program TODAY With ATC Alert’s Turn-Key Solution

  • No costs or risks to you (free for you and your patients)
  • Earn additional revenue from existing patients
  • Effect better patient outcomes

Start immediately. We handle patient enrollment, device setup, customer support and clinical monitoring. You just bill CMS.

Key Features

  • Personalized Care Plans
  • Multiple disease and condition
  • Proven FDA approved devices
  • Patient Engagement
  • Push button bulk billing
  • Easy to use and fully supported

ATC Alert offers the easiest-to-deploy RPM solution in the USA.

Our RPM solution was developed based upon our feedback and insights from thousands of customers. By proactively monitoring patients with chronic conditions from their own homes, doctors are able to provide patients with enhanced care, while significantly lowering the risks of a health incident going unnoticed until it balloons into a potentially life-threatening and expensive episode of care.

ATC Alert provides the platform, all necessary equipment, and unbeatable customer/patient support all for a single PPPM (per patient, per month) price. Furthermore, our in-house care specialists help patients get up and running as soon as they receive their equipment, and are available daily by phone, text, or live chat to assist customers with any issues.

Personalized Care Plans

One solution for your entire patient population






Patient Engagement

  • Secured two-way messaging
  • Web content
  • Video calls
  • Photos
  • Text
  • Senior-friendly
  • Simple and easy-to-use
  • Large buttons
  • High contrast

Comprehensive Reports

Push Button Bulk Billing
Monthly Practice Report

Truly Turn Key

There are lots of RPM/CCM software solutions out there, but there’s a lot more successfully deploying an RPM program to your patients. This includes investment in equipment, patient technical support and management, and handling logistics.

ATC makes all of this simple so physicians can focus on caring for their patients.

Step 1:

Physicians signs up a patient who received their ATC welcome package and equipment

Step 2:

ATC customer support helps patients take their first successful reading

Step 3:

ATC’s clinical staff monitors the patient over the course of the month

Step 4:

At the end of each month, ATC provides each physician’s office with a billing file to easily submit to CMS

ATC Alert provides everything you need to get started with no upfront costs to the provider or the patient.

ATC Provides Free Equipment

ATC sends your patients one piece of RPM equipment at no cost

ATC Provides the Customer Support

At no cost to you or the patient

ATC Provides the Technology

With no minimums or monthly additional fees to your practice

ATC Provides the Clinical Monitoring

For a small additional fee per patient per month

Reimbursement You Receive

  • CPT 99457: $61.10
  • CPT 99458: $49.70


ATC Alert Fees Are Based Upon the Following CPT Codes

  • CPT 99453 (Patient setup/training)
  • CPT 99454 ((Equipment and technology fee)
  • Additional fee for monthly monitoring of patients


Revenue Potential For Your Practice

CMS Reimbursement Code Medicare Reimbursement 100 Patients 500 Patients 1000 Patients
CPT 99457
Review, interpretation and basic communication of RPM data
$61.10/month $73,320 $366,600 $733,200
CPT 99458
Additional monitoring and communication with patient
$49.70/month $59,640 $298,200 $596,400